huston-photoChris Huston is an author, columnist, avid amateur photographer, the father of eleven children, and a 40-year broadcast veteran.  He was born in 1952 in Winston-Salem, NC, but moved to California before kindergarten and grew up in West Los Angeles. After graduating from Santa Monica High School he attended the University of Arizona.

Chris fell in love with broadcasting at a young age, and was determined to pursue a career in radio.  But after a few years living the disc jockey dream, he discovered unexpected talent in broadcast journalism, and spent ten years as a consumer reporter and news anchor in the Southwest.

In 1989 he switched to newsroom management and for the next 27 years ran local television newsrooms in the Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, and Northeast.  He prefers smaller market television, where the people are friendlier and the egos more in check.   Through the years his newsrooms have won dozens of local, state and regional journalism awards.

Chris is the author of three religious-themed books, two of which are out of print, although you can still find them on Amazon.   He began the Modern Life column in January 2017.He and his wife, the former Barbara Macdonald, were married in 1973, and after eleven children and a lot of moving around they’re still happily hanging on.

In a world where social media leaves us steadily less social, the Modern Life column is a weekly reminder that no matter how harsh, hard, simplistic and superficial our society becomes, we are all still human, craving honest and deep connections of respect, friendship and love–even if it seems we’ve never had to work harder to achieve it.

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