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This week:  September 16, 2018

Moments of clarity have a way of barging into even the most routine life.  And they often arrive with a phone call.  Perhaps you’ll see yourself in The Call.

So what does a white guy like me know about racism? Read on and judge for yourself.  It’s a story that despite time and distance keeps coming back.  Here’s The Long Reach of Racism.

Recent columns: 

On September 2nd we took a moment to reflect on the passing of a hero.  John McCain occupied a unique role in politics–a true independent in a sea of partisanship.  But he was also something more.  In honor of an important life, read The Grownup in the Room.

What happens when you find yourself doing something that you’ve told yourself for years that you “never” do?  You back up in a hurry.  From August 26, take a look at Stress Test.

Our faith in God sometimes comes with a heavy price.  The grand jury report from Pennsylvania concerning the church cover up of 300 pedophile priests at the expense of trusting children is a dark reminder of human failure in our reach toward the divine.  On August 19 it was time to consider Facing Abuse.

It can take a long time to figure out your father, but until you do you can’t fully figure out yourself.  In my case it took fifty years.  From August 12, read Dads, sons, and figuring it all out.

A young kid, some accidental blood, and pigtails.  Here’s what happens when you can’t afford the doctor.  From August 5, read Creative Medicine.

From July 29:  What are our young boys learning about how to be men from their favorite roll models?  Here’s a first hand example, and it’s kind of jaw-dropping.  Check out Boyz to Men.

July 22 was the week when we were all reacting to our president’s news conference in Helsinki and the day he poked NATO in the eye.  It was an angry week in America.  And by dumb luck I was in the best place possible to ride out the storm.  Take a look at A busy news week.


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