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This week: May 20, 2018:

Is it real life?  Or just life on Facebook?  Can your child tell the difference?  Are you sure?  There’s some good advice for parents in Reality, or not.

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May 13 was Mother’s Day, the Sunday when we honor the love, devotion and sacrifice of mothers everywhere.  But on Monday it all goes back to normal, and for far too many moms, normal isn’t pretty.  Here’s Today’s Mother’s Day. What about tomorrow?

Got an itch?  No worries, someone will always show up to scratch it–for a price.  That’s why our so-called ‘war on drugs’ is so misguided.  From May 6, read Supply and Demand.

Howling winds.  Snow flurries.  Ice on windshields.  And just enough sunshine to get your hopes up.  On April 29 we looked at springtime in my neighborhood.  Or, as I like to call it, Springtime, mostly.

Utah and California don’t have a lot in common politically.  But both have some of the highest plastic surgery rates in America.  What’s going on here?  From April 22, check out Beautiful enough?

Back in the 60’s that “don’t worry about tomorrow” thing seemed like a really cool idea.  Turns out it wasn’t.  On April 15 we strolled down down memory lane with Live for today, and other nonsense.

On April 8 we looked at fake news. Is it news stories that are made up?  Or news stories you just don’t happen to like?  Sinclair Broadcasting (which owns television stations in over 170 American cities) made news of it’s own by requiring its news anchors to read a statement about fake news.  Did it help or hurt?  Read Fake news? Believe it.

Sure, we all want our children to be safe at school.  But the question is, are we willing to pay for it?  From April 1, read Keeping Kids Safe.

On March 25 we looked (so to speak) at pornography.  Pretty big problem.  In my home state of Idaho the legislature agreed.  Made a big-ish fuss.  Then went back to sleep.  Here’s Big problem, small response.


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