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This week: July 15, 2018

Mom, Dad, you know the drill.  The work you do to provide for your family keeps you away from the ones you love the most.  And sometimes your youngest kids don’t understand.  I had a sad front row seat on one of these poignant mini-dramas when I stumbled across A Truck Stop Story.

Recent Columns:

Competing bumper stickers in the 60’s and 70’s:   “America:  Love it or leave it.” “America:  Change it or lose it.”  And fifty years later we’re still fighting the same battle.  From July 8, read God bless America.

Contrary to what you may have heard, our country’s growing fondness for kicking a round ball between a couple of sticks is not a sign of America’s moral decay.  Perhaps you’ll get kick out of the column from July 1:  Commie Ball.

From June 24, we discovered that the drama playing itself out along our southern border has similarities to one of the great musical dramas of our time:  Les Miserables.  We ignore history at our peril.  Read Les Miz, 2018

Father’s Day comes around once a year, but a father’s legacy can play out for generations.  What’s yours?  From June 17, check out Dad’s Legacy.

The American flag honors sacrifice and represents a vision of a world we’re still struggling to realize.  Seventy-four years ago a lot of American boys stormed the beaches of France so our flag could still wave freely today.  It’s worth a moment to remember, and reflect.  From June 10, here’s D-Day and the Grand Old Flag.

May was a busy month for the NFL and ABC.  First, the football league says no more taking a knee during the national anthem.  Then ABC pulls the plug on Roseanne after her ugly Twitter rant.  Unrelated?  Maybe, maybe not.  On June 3rd, we took a look at Playing the Game at ABC and the NFL.

Love stories are all different, and all the same.  Here’s one I stumbled across, and I’m a better man for it.  From May 27, here’s a Love Story.

Is it real life?  Or just life on Facebook?  Can your child tell the difference?  Are you sure?  From May 20, there’s some good advice for parents in Reality, or not.


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