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This week:  December 9, 2018

We all see the need to reach out more in such divided times.  But what does that look like, exactly?  It looks like this:  A Christmas Bridge.

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When does a talent become a burden?  When does a gift become a character flaw?  It can happen before you know it.  From December 2nd, read The “Eye.”

Once upon a time Christmas was primarily a religious observance.  Now the Christmas retail juggernaut begins the day after Halloween.  It’s not easy to walk the line, but you can do it.  From November 25, check out The Christma$ War$.

A family newly-arrived in America.  A traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  A reminder that change doesn’t come as quickly as we might light, but it comes.  From November 18, read A Thanksgiving Dinner.

It’s such a simple thing, the refrigerator.  It keeps your food cold.  But your refrigerator’s door also keeps your heart warm.  From November 11, take a look at The Magical Refrigerator Door.

Forget the autumn season.  Welcome to the insanity season.  It’s over now.  But it’ll be back.  From November 4.

From pipe bombs to heavy casualties at a church shooting in Pittsburgh, the last week in October was a depressing week in America.  By October 28th, one thing was certain:  we are the land of the free and the home of the world’s largest Circular Firing Squad.

When I was 20 I couldn’t imagine being 40.  When I was 40 I couldn’t imagine being 60.  But now 60 is in my rear view mirror.  What’s it like–really?  From October 21, here’s A Postcard from Your Future.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is in.  Does that mean Roe v. Wade may one day be out?  VP Mike Pence says he wants a ‘culture of life’ in America.   So do I.  But what would that look like?  Our views differ.  From October 14, take a look at A Culture of Life.


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