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This week:  February 10, 2019

Family life comes in all shapes and sizes, from the big wedding days to the tiny toddler with a boo-boo before the sun comes up.  It’s funny, the odd things that can still provide a very good morning.  Visit The Kingdom of Blankets.

Recent columns: 

What does it mean when you’re no longer able to choose what you do with your life?  It For many, it means they’re an addict (or loves someone who is).  From February 3rd, read A Life Without Choices.

With so many distractions to fill today–be honest, how many times have you checked Facebook so far?–you’re left with that much less time for…other stuff.  What other stuff?  I bet you can think of a few things.  From January 28, here’s The Age of Distraction.

I received a great deal of feedback on this column.  When you can do something really well it seems so simple you think anyone should be able to do it.  That’s how it is with faith.  For some, faith is like breathing.  For others it is forever a mystery.  From January 20, read The Mystery of Faith.

I’m all for increasing border security.  Is the wall the best way to do it?  Maybe it is.  Maybe it isn’t.  Seems like a good time to consider our options.  Y’know, like grownups.  From January 13, here’s Another Brick in the Wall.

From January 6:  To my friend who once told me that football players with political opinions should “just shut up and hit someone,” here’s a fresh take on The Annoying Facts of Life.

From December 30:  The presents have all been opened, and the kids and grandkids have backed out of the driveway and headed for home.  What’s left?  Cleaning up the leftover mess, and a very Silent Night.

Every year in December Time Magazine rolls out it’s Person of the Year.  Then the debate begins.  This year the POY wasn’t even a person.  It was, however a warning.  From December 23, take a look at The Tower of Babble.

This year the Muzak of Christmas was briefly one song short when some US and Canadian radio stations banned a holiday standard from their Christmas play list.  Then the blowback came, and the song returned.  A victory over PC run amok?  Or something more?  From December 16, read Baby It’s Cold Outside.


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