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This week’s column:  June 16, 2019

Road trips really are all that.  On my recent X-country haul I learned a lot about truck stops, popcorn, billboards, and the state of the nation.  Come along for the ride on A Road Trip.

Recent columns:

Can you imagine a place where teens stand in complete silence for fifteen minutes that doesn’t involve a video screen?  I saw it for myself the week of June 9.  Here’s A Study in Silence.

Ever since Roe v Wade in 1973, the abortion argument has raged. Over the next few years it will come to a head. No matter what happens, somehow it’s women (not men) who will suffer consequences.  From June 2, read Abortion.

Taking time to remember our heritage doesn’t happen by accident.  This week I learned how one family provided a Memorial Day experience for their children that has lasted in their memories for a lifetime.  Hop in the back seat and come along for the May 26 A Memorial Day Road Trip.

It seems that none of us can resist taking complex thoughts and ideas and trying to reduce them to a single, snappy phrase that seems “so obvious.”  It makes both the writer and the reader feel smart, clever, and at peace.  If only it worked.   From May 19, here’s The Complexity of Simplicity.

Mother’s Day is one of those days (all too few) when what’s most important comes into its sharpest focus.   From May 12, I hope you enjoy The Treasure Chest.

This week marked the annual National Day of Prayer, when we collectively pray that God will assist our nation in becoming what it should be.  But perhaps the day would be better served if we used the day to pray that God will assist us in becoming what we should be.  Consider, from May 5, A National Day of Prayer.

There are a few topics every columnist knows just aren’t worth the grief.  Like this one.  But you know me…always poking around in the mud looking for some clarity.  From April 28, check out The Politically Correct Column.

On April 16th, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris went up in flames.  The outpouring of support from around the world was remarkable.  Why so much fuss over an old building?  Because it’s a lot more than just an old building.  Here’s Symbols and Sanctuaries.


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