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This week: March 18, 2018:

Y’know how you shouldn’t do something but can’t stop yourself?  If so, you should consider a career in Congress, where spending money is a little like being hooked on crack.  Read A Cracked Budget.

Recent columns:

These days being kind to others can be a very risky business.  On March 11th we took a look at The Bravery of Kindness.  Be brave.

People talk a lot of smack about the younger generation.  I’ve done it myself.  Not any more.  On March 4 I revealed why I’m officially optimistic about the future.  Read An Optimistic Argument.

In February 25 we got down to the nitty gritty.  The world is divided into two types of people.  Men and women?  Republicans and Democrats?  Nope.  I’m talkin’ about the real division among people.  Where do you fall? Here’s An Inconceivable (!) Truth.

On February 18 we looked at the way festering issues finally find a tipping point.  Think Watergate or Harvey Weinstein.  Have come to one with gun control?  One thing is for certain: Each side knows it’s right.  Read It’s Never the Time.

Thomas Wolfe said you can’t go home again, but what does he know?  And what’s it really like when you go back to your hometown after a handful of decades?  Whether you’ve made the pilgrimage or not, take a look at our column from February 11: Goin’ Home.

February 4, 2018.  Dateline: Minneapolis.  It’s Super Bowl Sunday, when teams battle it out with millions of dollars at stake.  Oh yeah, there’s a football game too.  Check out The Real Super Bowl Battles.

On January 28 we looked at  why we’re so often played for fools by both sides of the political class.  It’s all about the optics, baby.  Take a look (pun intended) at Optical Illusion.

On Jan 21 I shared the story of what was supposed to be just another sardine-packed flight from Salt Lake to Nashville.  That was until everything started going wrong, and  one passenger helped out the entire airline.  Here’s the tale of An Interrupted Flight.


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